How To Make Waste Public: Experiments With Infrastructure

Curatorial Residency & Symposium

Skylight Space, WUHO

Resident: Curt Gambetta, Woodbury School of Architecture

WUHO Gallery
April 19-May 25
Symposium & Opening
Saturday, 19 April, 6:00-8:00 PM

How to Make Waste Public is a curatorial residency about architectural and artistic experiments with the consequences of society’s waste-making. Culturally, waste is understood as a largely private dilemma—a moral and technological responsibility of private individuals and increasingly large private corporations. Furthermore, its smells, toxins and byproducts are bagged, pressed and sent to the periphery of cities and economies. In these and other ways, waste remains an open secret, a process that society participates in but rarely acknowledges. In response, the residency examines artistic, architectural and scholarly practices that question this veil of secrecy. Seen together, these practices propose that waste is a cultural and spatial problem as much as a technical issue. Alongside a salon of design research conducted in collaboration with architecture students at Woodbury University and the Buffalo School of Architecture, it will explore practices such as architecture, video and land art from the past few decades, examining the aesthetic and spatial possibilities of making waste public.

Open studio, 1-6pm: dates TBA

Rear Gallery, WUHO

Saturday, April 19
1:30-6:00 PM


Lydia Kallipoliti (Syracuse University and Cooper Union)
Mariana Moglievich (New York University)
Margo Handwerker (UCLA)
Maite Zubiarrue (UCLA)
Curt Gambetta (Woodbury University)

The symposium will bring into conversation critical perspectives on artistic and architectural interventions into the waste stream. It will discuss a number of sites of cultural and spatial experimentation, including experiments with materiality, the design of facilities and cultural norms about waste making and disposal. In juxtaposing practices that span art, pedagogy and architectural practice, the panel will reflect on the multivalent role of experimentation with the consequences of abject, dangerous substances such as garbage. If knowledge about waste and its consequences is increasingly invisible and complex, how do experimental practices open up the world of waste to new forms of inquiry, invention and urban experience?

Opening Reception

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