Fallow City


Fallow City is an intervention in the typical fabric of suburbia, in the monoculture of private spaces and cultivated dreams.

Taking the current crisis of the suburbs as a chance, and the most extreme situation of Detroit as its site, the project aims to develop new scenarios and new typologies for the emerging fallow cityscapes.  The interventions propose more imaginative and public ways of using or mis-using the suburban forms.

A fallow season creates an interruption where unusual uses and forms can flourish.

The Collective Model of a near future Detroit shows a series of proposals for transformations of the generic suburban fabric: using a much thinner density and repurposing the structures of foreclosed homes to weave in more playful and public uses.

This project has been a team collaboration spanning the disciplines art, architecture and engineering at the University of Virginia – as part of an Artist Residency at The McIntire Department of Art. Corporate sponsorship has been provided by BP Solar and Konarka Technologies. It would not have been possible without the help of many student volunteers at both University of Virginia and Woodbury School of Architecture.

Design Team:
Seth Porcello – House Lantern
Jessica Brown – House Cosey
Sonia Brenner – Roof Landscape, Up-side-down Frame
Jinhui Huang – City Web
Rachel Callagan – Feral House
Sonia Brenner – Feral House
Emily Nelson – Desire Lines
Berenika Boberska – Solar Tower, Solar Thicket

Exhibition dates | March 15th 2011 through April 10th 2011
WUHO | 6518 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028

an installation by Berenika Boberska


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