“13.3% is an exasperated reply to those who say: ‘there are no women making architecture.'”

Thank you to everyone who has responded to our open call. We were overwhelmed by both the quality and quantity of submissions. All work received is included in the gallery as part of an archive. Seventy-five pieces are currently on display in the gallery, both on the walls and tables.

We have re-hung the show! 13.3%… currently highlights the work of the following respondents:

Alison Wilder – Amanda Levete – Amity Kurt – Amy Alper – Anabelle Pang – Ania Jaworska – Anne Sinclair – Anonymous 1 – Anonymous3 – Anya Sirota – Aude-Line Duliere – Audra Manzano – Ayumi Sugiyama – Barbara Bestor – Barbara Elfman – Barbara Wilkes – Berenica Boberska – Beverly Willis – Carey Walker – Carissa Gavin – Caroline Tracey – Cathy Braasch – Chava Danielson – Clara Wong  – Design, Bitches – Di Biase Filkoff – Donatella Cusma – Donna Jean Brown – Doris Cole – Dragana Zoric – Elena Toffer – Eric W. Olsen – Florencia Bialet – Haila Adamo  – Heather Flood – Ilaria Mazzoleni – Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter – Isabel Mandujano – J. Preston – Janine Cambell – Jennifer Bonner – Jenny Ly – Jenny Wu – John Southern – Julie Larsen  – Kelly Bair – Laura Crescimiano – Laura Ferrarello – Laura Martinez de Guerrenu – Laura Purdy – Lina Grigaitis – Lindsay Klein – Lisa Landworth – Lori Brown – Louise Jurkowski – Lusine Mandarian – Lynne Brady – Mara Marcu – Mary Ann Ocampo – Mehnroosh Mojallali – Merisha Veledar – Nare Gabrielyn – Natalija Subotincic – Paulette Singley – Rikke Lequick Larsen – Rita Saikali – Rona Karp – Sameena Sitabkhan  – Sarah Knize – Sarah Shirley – Sharon Chapman – Susan Fitzgerald – Shelby Doyle – Silvia Kuhle – Sylvia Song – Talbott McLanahan – Tanja Jordan – Tiffany Strother Millner – Ursula Emery McClure- Victoria McReynolds – Zenovia Toloudi – Zoka Zola


Saturday, December 4, 2010, 7-10pm
6518 Hollywood Boulevard | Los Angeles , CA 90028

About 13.3%

Just over thirteen percent of architects are women, according to the American Institute of Architects.

The exhibition 13.3%… borrows from the conceptual structure of curator Lucy Lippard’s landmark 1973 exhibition of conceptual art, c. 7,500, in which each work on display fit into a standard manila envelope. Lippard’s exhibition contested the belief that there were no women making conceptual art at the time — and she did so by mailing evidence of this work directly to the gallery for display. Nearly forty years later, 13.3%… provides a space and form in which to consider the contributions and visibility of today’s practicing female architects.

Responses in any form (drawings, writing, videos, artifacts, etc.) will be exhibited in The Project Space at WUHo on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California, from December 2010 to January 2011.

Submission materials and entry form must arrive to the gallery in a standard manila envelope (9 by 12-inch), postmarked by November 20, 2010.

Entry form and additional information are available here:

13.3% Submission Form (Front)

13.3% Submission Form (Rear)

There is no pre-qualification required to enter the exhibition. There is no need for a license. You do not need to be employed. There is no requirement of a professional degree. The exhibition is open to submissions from female architects, male architects, and people who aren’t architects at all. The only requirement is that the submission fit into a manila envelope along with the entry form (available above) and sent by November 20, 2010. For further information:

This exhibition is co-organized by Jayna Zweiman (Independent Designer, Los Angeles) and Christian Stayner (Principal, Stayner Architects and Visiting Assistant Professor, Woodbury University). Curated with assistance from Woodbury University Architecture students.

WUHo | 6518 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028
(If you are sending via Fedex or UPS, please direct towards our wonderful neighbors who keep more traditional business hours: WUHo c/o Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions | 6522 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028)

Your submissions to the exhibition may take any form as long as materials arrive to the gallery in a standard 9 by 12-inch manila envelope. Please send submission to the address below by November 20, 2010. Your submission to 13.3%… and responses to the entry form may be displayed in WUHo, on the gallery’s website, published, or used for promotion of the exhibition. Unfortunately, submissions cannot be returned . The statistic is from Suzanne Stephens, “Not Only Zaha: What is it like to be a female architect with a solely owned firm in the U.S. today?” Architectural Record (December 2006).

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photographs by Jayna Zweiman

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