Kathy Waghorn, University of Auckland School of Architecture and Planning
Opening: Thursday, 6 November, 6:00 pm
Continuing: 7 November – 23 November, 2014

Muddy Urbanism is an urban-research studio that generates possible futures for the Whau River, a river that bisects the inner west of Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland in New Zealand’s largest city. The river’s path creates a portage, connecting two harbors and permitting the movement with waka (canoe) between the east and west coasts. This portage has seen over one thousand years of occupation and use, as a transport route for food, a source of clay brick and as a network of social connection. In latter decades however, the Whau has lost its importance. As a boundary between municipalities it has increasingly become the site of neglect and conflict across jurisdictional, economic, land use and natural systems.

The proposals in Muddy Urbanism generate new interfaces between urban policy, ecological systems and community use for the regeneration of this river and its neighborhoods. This research amplifies the local as a critical site of intervention for rethinking existing land use, public and environmental infrastructure, and neighborhood-based socio-economic development. In bringing Muddy Urbanism to Los Angeles we aim to link with those who are interested in the potential of river, landscape and infrastructure regeneration to act as a catalyst for spatial and social change.

Muddy Urbanismis led by Kathy Waghorn, artist, designer and senior lecturer at the School of Architecture and Planning, the University of Auckland. This research was initiated from a collaboration with Teddy Cruz, Professor of Public Culture and Urbanism at the University of California, San Diego and former Woodbury University faculty member, as part of The Lab at “If you were to live here . . . ” the 5th Auckland Triennial, curated by Hou Hanru.

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