Liminal forms is an exhibition of student work from the Woodbury University School of Architecture that examines the relationship between historic drawing technique and architectural form. This studio and its associated fall seminar investigated the use of geometry in the construction of architectural methodology through a study of liminal forms. In geometry, a limiting case is the point at which the definition of one geometric element approaches the definition of another. When the distance between the two foci of an ellipse approaches zero, the limiting case of an ellipse has been reached as a circle emerges. Students were asked to understand form as an outcome defined by the limits of given representational methodology. Each student developed an argument through nuanced reading of an architectural object. The investigation required the reconstruction of the specific formal and geometric operations that engendered the object in the first place. Importantly, the reconstruction was not a precise record of the actual formation of the object understudy, instead it was a reading of the potential projective processes that limit its form. Each student’s decisions about geometry and instrumentality lead to the production of methods of representation, which in turn lead to the production of specific sets of forms that were limited by their means of production. The studio argued that the generative potential of architectural representation lies in the clear definition and manipulation of it limits.

Opening Reception July 8, 2017 5:00-8:00pm
WUHO Gallery
6518 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Instructors: Mark Ericson and Duane McLemore


Jenan Al Sabbagh
Mashael Alsolai
Adam Alvarez
Brandin Babin
Sarah Bindekhayel
Dajshey Chatman
Helmer Douglass
William Ellsworth
Roxana Perez
Robert Ross
Josefina Samvelyan
Phillip Snow
Michael Turk
Jia Wang
Yuqi Wang

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